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Smart Peak Personal Flow Meter

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Smart Peak Personal Flow Meter


  • On demand patient monitoring

  • Instant results show actual respiratory zone

  • Smart Phone app monitoring (iPhone & Android)

  • Simple breathe-in action

  • Detects exacerbation before the patient feels it

  • Allows medication adjustments before problems occur

  • TGA Listed: ARTG 314360

The Smart Peak Flow is a compact, self-monitoring digital peak expiratory flow meter (PEFM) for respiratory condition such as asthma. Patients blow into the mouthpiece three times so the accompanying app can take and record the patients peak flow measurement in the comfort of their home. The Smart Peak Flow app provides data that reveals whether a patient is in green(safe), yellow or red (at risk) zone.   Results can be shared instantly with their physician or respiratory care team.

Regular Peak flow monitoring enables the detection of worsening asthma before the patient can feel it.  Medical advice or medication adjustments can be taken to lessen or eliminate the deterioration.

The Smart Peak Flow plugs into the audio jack port of any Android and iOS smartphone devices, and detects asthma exacerbation before asthma patients can feel it. It uses the same technology as a diagnostic spirometer and guarantees accurate peak flow measurements than the mechanical peak flow meters.


  • Ergonomic design and light weight making it comfortable to hold and portable

  • Designed for adults and children

  • Integrated PAP (Patient Action Plan)

  • Meets all International standards for portable peak flow meters

  • User friendly interface making the Smart Peak Flow app easy and intuitive to use.

  • The device does not require batteries or charging to operate

  • Accurate peak flow readings with medical grade CE certified sensors


iOS: iOS 10.0 or higher; iPhone 5 or higher; iPad 2 or higher. If you have a latest iPhone model (iPhone 7 or above), it works with the Lightning to Headphone Adapter Cable supplied with your phone available separately. {Click Here} to view or select at Checkout

Android: Any phone with Android 5 or higher.



The app will ask the user to blow into the Smart Peak Flow device 3x and will save the highest of the three values as the result. After the test is complete, the user is able to manually save notes about their symptoms. Test results are then shown in a track view, where users can get an excellent overview of the progress of their condition.

Available (Free download) on both iPhones and Android phones, the Smart Peak app will Remind, Measure, Chart and Share patients peak flow data.



  • The Peak flow meter accurately calculates the patients peak flow readings with medical grade CE certified sensors.

  • Patients can track their readings, get personalised charts and tips on a simple display using the Asthma diary.

  • Patients will be able to find out if an asthma attack is forthcoming using the Asthma alert & symptoms feature.

  • The app also allows you to learn how your body reacts to different places, times & activities and make notes using the Trigger notes feature.

  • Using colour zones, you can find out if you need medical attention and works around your doctor’s action plan

  • Patients are also able to instantly share your asthma diary with your doctor with just a few clicks.

  • The reminders, quotes and achievements feature on the app helps patients remember to take their readings.


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